Taxi Child Seat Regulations  | Dos & Don’ts Private Hire Licence

April 29, 2022


If you want to get a Wolverhampton private hire licence, then you should be well aware of these child seat regulations for UK taxi drivers.


If you're looking to get a taxi licence in Wolverhampton, then it's important that you know about the child seat regulations. In this blog post, we'll go over the dos and don'ts of taxi child seats so that you can be sure to stay within the law and protect your passengers. Stay safe and compliant on the roads with our helpful guide!

UK Law for Private Hire Vehicles & Child Seats

If you're planning on driving a taxi or private hire vehicle in the UK, it's important to be aware of all the regulations and laws that apply to your industry. One area of particular importance is child safety, as taxi drivers are often required to transport children between different locations.


Generally, it's best to always carry a child seat as a taxi driver, to safeguard young passengers and complete unexpected journeys that involve children. According to UK law, children aged 12 or younger and under 135cm in height must use a child seat or child restraint when travelling by car.


So, rather than be forced to pass up on a potential job, you will be ready to transport passengers of all ages at all times. Although having the correct child seat can be a challenge.


Depending on the age and size of the child, this can include a forward-facing car seat, booster seat, or taxi child harness. If you don't have the right one, you might still be able to take the job if you have a rear seat, and the child wears an adult seat belt if they're at least 3 years old, and without a seat belt if they're under 3. If you're transporting babies, then a rear-facing seat might be required. In this case, you must also deactivate the front airbags before setting off.


When transporting children in your taxi, you should remember that you may be held liable if an accident occurs and you've not used a child seat, or the child isn't wearing a seat belt if aged 3 or above. So it's crucial to always drive with caution, abide by the law and avoid any reckless actions or manoeuvres that could put children at risk.


Remember, you, as the taxi driver, are 100% responsible for making sure that any children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly and in accordance with the law.

Wolverhampton Council’s Regulations on Child Seats

If you're looking to apply for a Wolverhampton private hire licence, it's vital that you are familiar with the taxi child seat regulations set out by the local council. According to Wolverhampton Council, taxi drivers must follow the below guidelines; 

Getting a Wolverhampton Private Hire Licence

If you're looking to get a taxi licence in Wolverhampton, it's important that you follow all the relevant regulations and guidelines, including those related to child safety. And when you're ready to get qualified with a private hire licence, contact our team at Drive An. We work closely with Wolverhampton City Council to provide stress-free private hire applications and 3-hour face-to-face training for private hire taxi drivers. So what are you waiting for? Book your Wolverhampton private hire licence course now.


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