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Please note:
Please ONLY purchase this product if you have successfully recieved your City of Wolverhampton Private Hire Drivers Licence.

Step 4 
 Please send the following documents to Drive An Business WhatsApp:

  • Vehicle Registration Document (V5)
  • Vehicle Insurance Certificate/Cover
  • Valid MOT certificate
  • DBS certificate issued within the last 12 months (If applicable)

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Q: Can I apply for a vehicle licence, if I don't have a drivers licence?
A: No. You will first need to apply for a Private Hire Drivers Licence, before you can apply for Vehicle identification plates.
Q: How long does it take to receive my Vehicle licence plates?

The whole process takes 2-4 weeks after successful submission of your vehicle licence application. You will be invited to collect your vehicle licence plates by the licencing authority.

Q: Do I have to book an appointment for vehicle inspection and collection  of the plates?

Yes. After the successful application of your vehicle application, you will be asked to book an appointment online or via telephone for inspection and collection of your vehicle plates. 

Q: I am stressed, confused and don't know where to start...
A: Not to worry. We take the stress and the headache and will take care of your vehicle application start to finish. We will provide regular updates on your application and also provide you with a application tracker links so you can check the progress of your vehicle application.
What are the processing times for new vehicle applications and can I Fast Track?

The current processing times for new applications at City of Wolverhampton is 30 days from the application submission date.

New applicants who previously never held a previous authority licence, and have no more than 3 penalty points on their licence, will only be allowed to Fast Track their application. The processing times for Fast Track applications is currently 2 working days from application submission date.

*Currently suspended temporarily by City of Wolverhampton due to unprecedented licence demand and backlog of driver licence applications.