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That's all there is to it. You can rely on us every step of the way to obtain your Wolverhampton Private Hire Licence in the UK without any headaches or worries. Do you still have questions? No worries! Just let us know.
Who Are We?
We have vast experience working within City of Wolverhampton licensing, training, and knowledge courses. With our in-depth knowledge of licensing conditions, licensing processes, and specialist advice including DBS checks and criminal convictions, we can help you with your licensing needs.
Our Philosophy
Our mission at Drive An is to prepare drivers so they can handle real-life situations while licenced by the City of Wolverhampton authority. Our goal is to provide better learning opportunities and help future drivers obtain the licencing they need to fulfil ambitions.
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Licence any vehicle under 12 years of age
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3 years licence issued for only £120.00
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No restrictions on engine size or the colour of the vehicle
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Work and drive your private hire in most locations in UK
Window Tints
Only factory fitted tints allowed on any vehicle
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Full Package - Deposit
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Don't want to travel to Wolverhampton? Or you want to do the knowledge course locally in your own city?

Why travel to City of Wolverhampton for your knowledge course, when we can bring the course to you in your own city? No need to travel anywhere... anymore!

You feel...

❌  You are unable to take time off at work;
❌  Worried due to unexpected traffic;
❌  Stressed about child care arrangements;
❌  Don't want to travel the long distance;
❌  Save cost on fuel;
❌  The unnecessary convenience.

Over 90% of the drivers feel the same, and do not want to travel the distance to take the course at City of Wolverhampton. Many common issues arise including parking, unfamiliar around the area, loss of time due to travel, rush hour, traffic or even an accident on the M6 motorway.

Did you know... you are not allowed in the course:

1.  If you are 5 minutes late;
2.  Without a valid ID,
3.  With no booking confirmation present.

What will this include?


The total cost of £600.00 and will include:

✅  3 Year Licence Application Fee
✅  Medical Examination
✅  Knowledge Test
✅  Enhanced DBS Application

We will also provide:

✅  3 hours training and preparation
✅  1:1 training of the core elements
✅  Key questions and answers
✅  Training 1 day before the official test



Step 4  Please send the following documents to Drive An Business WhatsApp:

  • DVLA Photocard Licence
  • Proof of National Insurance
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number

Drive An Business WhatsApp:
0330 043 0731



Q: Do I pay the £600.00 today?
A: No. We want to make the payment arrangements easy for you and manageable. You only pay 50% deposit today - which is £300.00, and pay the other 50% when we invite you 1 day before the test, to provide training and course preparation.
Q: Where will the training/preparation and Wolverhampton test be held?

Both the training and the official Wolverhampton course test will be held in your own city. Please select your city correctly when paying your deposit.

Q: So... what will happen after I pay my deposit today?
A: After you have paid your deposit successfully, we will then allocate you to the next available Wolverhampton course date that will take place in your city. We will notify you the course date, and the venue location details where the training and official course will take place.
Q: Does that mean you take care of everything — start to finish?
Yes. We take care of your booking of your course, application and any issues arise along the way. We take the stress and the headache in helping you obtaining your City of Wolverhampton licence.
Can I pay you the remaining £300.00 cash in person?
Absolutely! You will meet our team in person when we provide you the training for the course preparation. You will pay the remaining £300.00 in cash and the documentation during the sign up on the day.



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Find anything you want to know about 
Drive An, including useful tips to ease your concerns.
What is Drive An?
Drive An is the UK's first and leading licensing expert that helps private hire drivers get their City of Wolverhampton private hire taxi licence and giving them a good chance to pass the City of Wolverhampton taxi knowledge test.
What makes you different?
Approximately 2,500 drivers have completed our private hire knowledge test courses in the UK and have obtained their City of Wolverhampton licence. We are ex-trainers for the City of Wolverhampton and have vast knowledge of licensing, conditions, operator licensing, and knowledge test content.
Our ability to combine the skills of a fully qualified, experienced secondary school teacher with the expertise of a deputy headteacher and senior leadership team (SLT) has enabled us to achieve 98% success and pass rate.
I have failed on one of the key question...
No problem at all! We will first assess and work with you one-on-one, at a convenient time and location of your choosing, on specific course elements.
This will enable you to take the taxi knowledge test with laser target teaching and learning. We will condense the session into 3 hours, including in-house mock questions and answers.
Do you provide licence application service?
Absolutely. Our team of professionals can take care of your driver license application from start to finish - thus saving you time and hassle.
Do I have to book the course myself?
Yes. You will need to book the course yourself, as you will need to create and register your own driver account on the City of Wolverhampton website.
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