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Failed the course because of a key question?

Have you just got your results by email from Worcestershire County Council that you have failed your course?

During the long 6 hours course at Bilston Town Hall, Wolverhampton, you feel...

❌  It was fast paced;
❌  Afraid to ask questions;
❌  Anxiety whilst in a crowd;
❌  You did not give your full potential;
❌  Left the course because of your English;
❌  You ran out of time during the test;
❌  Lost your confidence;
❌  Lastly, unable to book online.

We totally understand your recent experience you have endured!

Did you know... the knowledge test:

1.  30 minutes, multiple choice
2.  Pass mark is 21/28
3.  There are 8 key questions
4.  Need to wait 12 months if failed 3 times

So... how can we help you?

We believe your £50.00 hard earned cash you've paid for the Knowledge Course should be tension and stress free and seamless.

We will work with you 1:1 or group session, location of your choosing comfort of your own home and go through the major elements of the Worcestershire County Council Driver Knowledge Course.

We will cover the following in detail:

✅  Safeguarding
✅  CSE Awareness
✅  Disability
✅  Licencing Conditions
✅  Vehicle Conditions

We will work with you 1:1 to get your confidence back, and through the fundamental and major content of the course, so you fully understand. We will prepare and test you using our in-house mock questions which will test your understanding.

Let us help you to boost your confidence!

We give you dedicated one-on-one support, as this helps to pick up on any mistakes or misconception you have on the course content and questions. Receive additional support whenever you need it, by contacting us anytime.

Boost your confidence with our trainers and go through all questions face-to-face, to fully understand the questions and answers.


To further consolidate your learning and understanding, we provide real-life examples and demonstrations. We all learn differently⁠ — this helps learning to take place in different forms.


We provide in-house mock practice questions helping you fully prepare, understand and get comfortable just like the real exam at City of Wolverhampton.

We speak different languages including Urdu, Punjabi and even Potwari to help you fully understand the content, questions and answers. This helps us to adapt with your learning needs and requirements.



Please note:
Before purchasing this product, please ensure you have booked the course already with Worcestershire County Council. It is solely your responsibility to book the course and the test. You can book this course before officially booking your course for general knowledge and update.

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    Q: What if I still fail my knowledge course test?
    A: No problem! It happens... we will give you 3 hours of free course preparation for absolutely free  no questions asked! You will only need to book and pay £50.00 for the initial knowledge course booking.
    Q: Do you have trainers who speak Urdu or Panjabi?

    Yes we do! Rest assured, all our trainers speak fluent in Urdu, Punjabi and even Potwari to ensure that you fully understand the course content, key questions, and licencing conditions.

    Q: What if I live miles away from where you based?
    A: We work nationally around the UK to help struggling drivers who require help to gain their licence, so not to worry, we travel everywhere and everywhere, any location of your choosing.
    Q: Do I have to book the course myself?
    This is entirely up to yourself. We can arrange suitable dates and get the course booked for you according to your work and leisure.
    What if need more than 3 hours of preparation?
    Absolutely, if you or we feel that you require more than 3 hours of the course preparation, we will just only charge you the extra 1 hour. You only pay for each hour, as and when you need this.