Tax Check Code For Taxi Drivers

JANUARY 19,2023


In this article, we wanted to go over some information that you might find helpful related to tax check codes. Typically this is needed to determine how much you might need to pay in taxes when it comes time to file a tax return as a driver. What is a tax check code, why do you need one and how to use it when switching from one district to another council? Grab a coffee, and let's get into it!

Why Do I Need a Tax Check Code and What Is It?

A tax check code for taxi drivers is a special code that the government issues to ensure that a taxpayer is paying the appropriate amount of tax.  It’s a 9-character code that is presented to licensing authorities and typically expires after 120 days. If you need to apply for a licence after the code has timed out, you’ll need to reapply for a new one. When applying for a taxi licence or a private hire licence, a taxi driver may be required to give the Ashfield District Council or Wolverhampton City Council a tax check code.


Top Tip: If you are applying for both a private hire and a Hackney taxi driver license, then you’ll need to get two different codes.


You must finish and turn in a self-assessment tax return in order to apply for a tax check code. This procedure entails disclosing your income, any deductible costs, and figuring out how much tax you owe. You will obtain a tax check code after completing your self-assessment tax return, which you can give to the Ashfield District Council or Wolverhampton City Council as part of the licensing procedure.

Submitting a Licencing Application to Ashfield District Council

You must submit an application form along with a copy of your driver's licence, insurance certificate, and tax check code for taxi drivers to the Ashfield District Council in order to request a taxi licence or private hire licence. A medical test and a criminal background check may also be required.

Making a Licencing Application for City of Wolverhampton

If you plan to drive in Wolverhampton, you must submit a licence application to Wolverhampton City Council. You'll need to fill out an application for this as well as make sure the council has granted your car a licence. A tax check code might also be required as part of the application procedure. Some councils will request the tax check code in addition to your application form in order to ensure that you are paying the correct amount of tax.

Changing Locations From One City to Another

Your tax check code for private hire taxi drivers is required if you have already hold or held a previous private hire or taxi licence. This is so that the local council can make sure you are paying the proper amount of tax or whether you have declared tax.


The majority of districts will accept your tax check code from another district, which is fantastic news. You should be able to submit a tax check code if you recently applied for your licence with another council and received one as part of the licensing procedure with the new council.


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