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Confused how to apply for your operators licence application? Or has your licence application been refused?

It can a daunting process to submit an application and you feel...

❌  You can't find the time and at work;
❌  Stressed, don't know the starting point;
❌  You might get it wrong;
❌  Worried application might get refused;
❌  Lastly, your application is a complicated one.

We totally understand and 85% of operators feel the same, as they don't want the stress or the headache. We want all drivers to be stress free and prevent them from taking time off work, cancelling meeting or pre-arranged commitments.

So... how can we help you?


We take the stress and the headache, and will process your application start to finish. This will include the following: 

✅  1 or 5 Year Operator Licence Application Fee
✅  Basic DBS Application
✅  Planning Permission Inc. 1 Year Business Address
✅  Hub Registration
✅  Business SIC Code Verification
✅  Identification Check
✅  Technical Support



Step 4  Please send the following documents to Drive An Business WhatsApp:

  • Original Valid UK Passport/Biometrics Card
  • DVLA Photocard Licence (Both Sides)
  • Proof of National Insurance
  • Basic DBS Certificate
  • Email Address

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